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With Brand Owner and Wholesaler

We design the whole collection based on the trend / style / fabric specification from the clients.

Or choose the appropriate styles from our products, and begin the series development and production.

The general cooperation key points:

Lead time:

From design to shipment: Generally speaking, 30 days are required for us to get ready the designs, swatches and first samples; sales samples will be ready in 30 to 40 days after that. Max-production requires 20 to 60days.

Price rang:

Prices based on the design、fabric、handcraft、order quantity.  Normally they are between: USD25 -USD150/pc

Minimum order quantity:

Not lower than USD30/pc, MOQ: 200 pcs/ each color                                  

Not lower than USD60/pc, MOQ: 100 pcs/ each color

Higher than USD80/pc, MOQ: 50 pcs/ each color


Some Cooperators:



?       Sales contact


Direct line: 86 (754) 88487089 / 88487080

Hot line138 2966 9161

Fax: 86 (754) 88487099


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