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For Ms Stella, who is the founder of Shantou Strongly , she has always believed in the significance of the R&D capability, this is also become one of her business creeds since mid 1990s.

Weather it be design, fitting, fabric or trimming, the R & D team keeps discovering and innovating. They work hard in order to get the satisfactory result.

Every season, we will launch new samples of more than 100 styles, which includes series of grand and noble senior custom-made, fashionable and simple-wear cocktail dress, classic and elegant long evening dress, and hand-painted silk dress(which is Strongly's strength) .Moreover, we have developed groups of big size dresses that are suitable for young customers.

In addition to the pursuit of new style development, our R & D team is aspiring to use new fabrics, combine different fabric, or use contrast color to get a unique design.  At the same time, they will also pay attention to the fitting, and make the dress comfortable to wear.

With more than a decade of experience in the ODM field, we have enough resources and management capabilities to create a whole collection for brand buyers.

For every single sampled piece, our R&D team will fit it with the mannequin and model, to check the fitting, sewing, and every last detail, to make sure it exceeds our customer’s satisfaction.  

General Process of creating OBM collections:


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